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childrens party magician

With a passion for entertaining children and a knack for creating unforgettable moments, Derby Children’s entertainer, Magic Stuart and Snowy the live magical rabbit have been spreading joy through party entertainment for many years.


Magic Stuart brings a world of imagination to life. From Birthday parties and family gatherings to School events and Festivals, he offers a range of exciting entertainment services tailored to different age groups and occasions. Get ready for interactive shows, captivating performances, and loads of laughter that will leave children entertained.

Magic Stuart understands the importance of making every event memorable. With a keen eye for detail and a repertoire of engaging magic tricks he specialises in turning ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences. Let Magic Stuart bring his unique brand of wonder to your next event and make it truly exceptional.


All of Magic Stuart’s shows and performances are designed to be inclusive, interactive, and full of a vibrant energy and a warm, friendly personality, making children feel comfortable and excited to participate in the fun and laughter.


Included in the magic show is an adorable live magical rabbit called Snowy which the children get to meet at the end of the party or event.

Magic Stuart and Snowy the rabbit


When it comes to choosing one of the party or event options, the following available choices are available depending which party or event option is chosen. Whether you’re hosting a Birthday celebration, Wedding event, Corporate event, Summer fair or Casual get-together, there’s a perfect party option to suit your requirements.  Magic Stuart offers an array of possibilities to make your event truly memorable. Discover the wide range of options and select the party / event option that aligns with your requirements, ensuring an amazing time for everyone.

Magic Show

Magic Stuart at a magic shoe for children

Experience a fun filled magic show with Snowy, the Live Rabbit – Perfect Children’s Party Entertainment!


Ideal for Birthdays, Weddings, Summer Fairs, Schools, and Carnivals, the magic show is perfect for any occasion with kids.


At Birthday Parties, the Birthday child becomes the star, actively participating in making Snowy appear magically. Witness the joy and excitement on their faces, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Don’t miss the opportunity to add wonder to your event – book our spectacular magic show today!”

Live Rabbit

magic rabbit stuart the magician for kids parties

Create Magical Memories with Snowy, the Live Rabbit.


Your magic show entertainment will be a guaranteed success with the amazing magic tricks of Magic Stuart and Snowy.


Every entertainment package includes the live white rabbit called Snowy, making the show truly special for both children and adults alike. After the party or event is done, children will get an opportunity to meet Snowy in person and have a picture taken with him as a lasting memory.


Snowy can appear at indoor or outdoor events – so no matter what type of venue you have in mind for your celebration, he will be there ready to make it an unforgettable day.

Balloon Modelling

Magic Stuart balloon modelling mix and mingle

Balloon modelling is the perfect way to sprinkle some extra joy and wonder into kids’ parties. A captivating art form that turns ordinary balloons into whimsical creations, it guarantees to leave young minds wide-eyed and hearts brimming with excitement.


Imagine the delight on their faces as Magic Stuart twists balloons into animals, flowers, swords, and more. This interactive entertainment not only captivates children but also encourages creativity and imagination.


From Birthday celebrations to family gatherings, balloon modelling adds that special touch of magic that transforms an ordinary event into an unforgettable experience.

For a party that sparkles with laughter and amazement, don’t forget to include the Magic Stuart’s balloon modelling.

Music & Games

Pass the parcel game

Transform your room into a lively and festive space with Magic Stuart’s collection of popular tunes and up-to-date music, specially curated for children of all ages. 


Whether your space is small or large, the atmosphere is bound to be electric with his captivating music selection.


With Magic Stuart at the helm, parties come alive with an enchanting blend of entertainment that leaves both children and adults enthralled. 


But that’s not all – Magic Stuart brings his own set of unique party games, ensuring everyone participates in the fun with non-elimination games. Get set for a celebration like no other, where laughter and excitement fill the air.

Prizes & Give Aways

party bag toys and prizes for kids parties

Make your kids’ party unforgettable by hiring a children’s entertainer with prizes and giveaways. The excitement of games and rewards fosters active engagement and creativity among young children.


The thrill of winning enhances the overall experience, leaving a lasting positive impression. 


Parents can relax and enjoy the stress-free celebration while Magic Stuart keeps the little ones entertained. 


Create cherished memories with this ultimate children’s entertainment package. Lots of prizes and giveaways are included in all of the full party / event packages.

Giant Air Cube

Giant floating air cube for Birthdays

Unleash Fun and Excitement with the Air Cube, a Safe and Free Addition to Your child’s Party.

Introducing the Air Cube, a giant floating air-filled wonder that promises endless fun for children of all ages. Light-weight and safe, it elevates your party to extraordinary levels, setting it apart from the ordinary “run of the mill” gatherings. Ideal for indoor events with ample space, this inflatable cube guarantees a super time for the children.

Get ready for an action-packed celebration with our Air Cube.  Kids will love chasing after this thrilling addition, enjoying interactive games and activities. It’s not just fun; it’s a fantastic workout too.

Note:  Only available for large venues.