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Great Ideas for fun Birthday Party games

If you are wanting to do the party games yourself then here are some ideas that you can use.  Party games should be fun and exciting.  The best idea is to do non-elimination party games.

1. Play a game with large soft balls or round balloons. Line up several cardboard boxes, each one a foot ahead of the other. Have the child stand on a tape line laid on the floor and toss the ball or balloon. He tries to toss it into each successive box, starting with the one nearest him. He is “out” the first time the ball fails to land in the next box. Everyone gets a chance, and the score is kept to see if anyone can land the ball into every box. The further away the last box is, the harder it gets, of course. This game with balloons, takes on a different aspect, as they tend to “float” and bounce away, etc., making for more action.

2.If the room is large and there is not much furniture, the old fashioned sack race, done with old pillow cases, shoes off, is fun. Divide the group into two teams, and have your helper at the other side of the race course, to turn the hoppers back.

3. Play “hot potato”. Sit everybody in a big circle and roll a ball from one to the other as fast as they can. The idea is not to get caught with the ball when the whistle blows, the music stops or the bell rings.

4. Remember musical chairs? For several generations this has been a favourite game. Every home has a CD player, if you don’t have a piano. Small chairs are ideal, but folding chairs will do. Line up the chairs, one less than the number of children, and alternate the way the chairs face. Everybody marches around and around the line of chairs, and each time the music stops, they drop in the nearest chair. It makes for fun and laughter, and each time somebody is out and one chair is removed. Continue until-only one child is left.

5. A table game can be played with cardboard and crayons. Everybody draws a picture on his cardboard, which is preferably differently coloured. For small children, a mother cuts all the drawings into several different pieces. All the pieces are piled in a heap in the center of the table and the game is to see who can put together a puzzle quickest by reaching in the heap and finding pieces. Or who can put together his original picture quickest. This game can be done on a living room floor also. Consult your local library for books on children’s games if you want to explore the idea.

A good childrens entertainer can take care of the games for you and will also have a ready supply of prizes for all the children.

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