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How to use balloons effectively to make your party special

  Using coloured balloons as decoration at parties is a cost effective way of adding excitement and fun at children’s parties.  It is always a good idea to use balloons as decorations and make sure that some are out of reach of the children then towards the end of the party these can be let down and scattered on the floor as the children are leaving whilst the music is playing.  Some children will like to take one of them away with them along with their balloon animals that was made for them at the party.

     Depending on the number of children invited and their age you may wish to hire a hall or other venue.   This is not always essential though as smaller parties can be held at home and this can sometimes be better for the younger child as they will feel more comfortable with this.

     Make sure that everyone knows where the party is being held.  An easy way to do this is to have some coloured balloons at the main entrance tied to the door, gate, tree or lamp post.  This will help other parents and children find you and it will also help the entertainer find you too.

     Whatever the occasion, Birthday, Christmas, New Year or similar, balloons provide colour and delight for everyone.

     Balloons have been a favourite with childrens party entertainment since the time balloons were invented. By having the usual standard round balloons you can add joy and colour to any event.  Balloons come in diverse shapes, sizes and colours. They can be air filled or helium filled.  There are also heart-shaped balloons of different sizes to add that extra special touch especially at weddings.

     Balloons also come in a mylar type foil and these are the ones that can be helium filled.  These are inexpensive and can be a quick and easy decoration idea for any event.

     If the balloons are for a birthday then don’t forget to get some balloons that say Happy Birthday on them or ones that indicate the child’s age.  Children of all ages love balloons at parties.

     Be creative with your balloons and include many bright colours in a bunch to add excitement.  You can, if the event dictates it, have balloons made into centre table decorations.  Something that we can also supply.  Our expertise in making flower bouquets or other designs out of balloons are especially desirable at weddings.

     There is no better approach than to have someone doing balloon modelling at a birthday party.

     Balloon modelling at parties has gained popularity over the years and is an ideal gift for children as well as their party bags.  This addition to a party is usually provided by the magician or children’s entertainer that you have booked.

     At kids parties balloon modelling is a great way to delight the children.  At weddings this is also a great extra party idea to make your event stand out as it is not just for youngsters.

     Magicians use their skills to twist balloons into animals right in front of your eyes.

     Children are always mesmerized by balloon animals twisted by magicians and clowns.  Long after they have worn themselves out on the bouncy castle they will still be playing with their balloon dog.

     Be motivated to produce your own animals by purchasing a balloon modelling kit.  Twist and turn these colourful balloons into dogs and more.  With many assorted colours you wont get bored and more importantly neither will the kids !.

     Always use a balloon pump to blow up balloons

     Have you ever envied clowns and magicians that seem to grab everyone’s attention with their impressive balloon magic? They always show off by twisting balloons into dogs, swords, love hearts and hats etc.

     No matter what the occasion you are planning for, whether it is a corporate party, a fund raiser for charity, or your annual summer fete, you are going to be looking for some appealing entertainment that is sure to please the crowds and keep them coming back for more.

     Balloon twisting can offer your event a form of entertainment without the need for expensive equipment.

     Another idea is balloon modelling workshops.  Learning to make balloon animals helps in social skills such as team bonding, working together and helps in children’s awareness and creativity.  Have a look at the Workshops page for more details on this.

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