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Most common questions asked for parties

     With so many children’s entertainers about you really want to make sure that you choose the best one for your event and so I have compiled a list of some of the main questions that I am often asked to save you time in your search for a good children’s entertainer and full party organiser

Q What do you do ?

A This is by far the most asked question of any magician or children’s entertainer, after all you want to know what you will get for your money.  The basic magic show is just that .  You get a magic show and balloon modelling for the children, this is usually a 1 hour show.  The other option is a full party package which is the magic, balloon modelling, party music, bubble machine, party games, prizes, lots of giveaways and more.

Q What are the prices you charge.

A These can be found on the prices page

Q How long is the full party package ?

A The full party package is just that, for the whole party – usually a birthday party lasts about 2 hours.

Q What sort of music do you play for the children ?

A The music is popular party music for children and is played at the start whilst I am setting up so that any children arriving early at the party will have something to do before I start.

Q What time do I need to sort the party food for ?

A A rough guide is halfway through the party with a 2 hour party option or beforehand with the 1 hour option.

Q What are the prizes and giveaways, are they just cheap sweets ?

A I do not give sweets or similar items as prizes or giveaways.  I also do not use sweets or similar items in party bags .  All items are quality toys and novelty gifts ideal for children of all ages. 

Q We are on a tight budget and we have found someone cheaper, will you come down in price ?

A We fully realise that times are hard but cheaper is not always better.  I am a very busy children’s entertainer and the price I charge reflects on what you get which is value for money.  Not only with the whole show package but the party bags too.  We will always listen and will be able to suit a package to your budget if required, just ask.

Q OK. I am convinced, I have read all your pages on your website, how do I make a booking ?

A Firstly, select the party package you’re interested in and either submit an online enquiry or give us a call.  You can call me on Derby 01332 768321 or use the contact form to check initially if a certain date and time is available.

Q How far ahead should I book you ?

A In general as soon as you can so you will have more chance of the date being available especially at busy times of the year.

Q I have a question that isn’t on here.

A That’s ok.  simply phone me on Derby 01332 768321 or use the contact form or email .

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