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Party Food For Kids Birthdays

Keeping it straightforward is the best choice . Birthday parties for children are not the place to showcase your cookery skills or to practice that new recipe you have just heard about. You will be catering for a diversity of tastes, regardless of the age of the children, so it’s generally best to cater to the majority and serve something conventional that is easy to organise.

Most parents want to be left stress free during the party to actually enjoy it themselves so doing the groundwork the night before and not getting the cake at the last minute is the best choice to go for.

You should have some party food but food is a lower concern for the kids than playing games and having fun.  Finger foods are much more child friendly and sensible than a child balancing a plate of food on their knees. Younger kids are also likely to eat more if they can come and go to the food table.

Decorating cakes with a funny face using smarties or similar will make sure that they are eaten.

It’s no use worrying yourself silly – this is just a kid’s party! Take your time as your children are only young once!

Now that you have got the food prepared it is time to book a childrens entertainer who will do everything else to keep the kids fully entertained like the magic show, balloon modelling, music and games.

With his mesmerising tricks, balloon modelling, games and interactive performances, Magic Stuart guarantees an event filled with wonder and joy for children of all ages. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories.

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